Development & Construction

With over 40 years industry experience and a highly skilled team of development and construction professionals, we understand what it takes to bring a single concept to life.

Our business has two distinct arms that work together providing a complete solution for our clients and joint venture partners.

We know the quality of any output, or final product, is always going to be a pure reflection of the quality of inputs fed through the system. We understand the multitude of factors, considerations, challenges and hoops required to jump through in order to bring any concept to life.

It is more than just ticking off a feasibility analysis, having the perfect site and obtaining all authority approvals. It is the energy of thought that goes into the design and functionality of each space, as well as the relationship between the development and both its external environment and its end users, which brings each concept to life.

At VCM Group we are proud of our people and our capability to truly deliver meaningful, functional and quality spaces through property development, construction and investment.